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Nutty for Homemade Nut Milk

By Bridget Noel Welch Jones, LMT

Making raw nut milks from scratch is a fun and healthy choice for you and the planet.

I love these drinks because they eliminate the packaging of store bought milks, don’t require something made largely of water to be shipped across the U.S. (which uses lots of fuel), and they are very fresh and healthy. No mystery ingredients, no preservatives.

Plus it’s non-dairy, which is better for many folks and for the cows!

Bone Broth

By Michele Hatton

Another old tradition is making its way back into modern kitchens: bone broths. These stocks refer back to earlier times when our ancestors used every part of an animal (eating nose-to-tail). Bone broth is made from bones, skin, feet, tendons and ligaments—parts of the animal that can't be easily digested—but what differentiates bone broth from other stocks or broths is the length of time it cooks—up to 48 hours.

Co-op Board Seeking New Members

By Norma Skaggs, Board Director

Is It Possible To Pass The GMO Labeling Bill In Florida?

Paul Rutkovsky

What's In It For Me?

By Wendy Morgan, Board Director

Spring Body Cleanse

By Crystal Wakoa             

If the thought of spring cleaning your body through detoxification brings up confusion or fear, well it’s no wonder. Health experts have always been divided on the merits and potential perils of detox diets, with some saying it’s necessary to regularly flush harmful toxins from your body, while others denounce the whole notion as faddish and potentially dangerous. 

Growing Healthy Soil

By Michele Hatton

"[Healthy] soil isn’t an inert growing medium but rather is teaming with billions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that are the foundation of an elegant symbiotic ecosystem," according to the USDA Conservation Service. We aren't talking about a slithering earthworm or two, but of a diversity of organisms that the USDA says, "make up a large proportion of the world's genetic diversity," which range in size from tiny, one-celled bacteria to small animals with backbones.

Tasty Toadstools

By Michele Hatton

The mushroom possesses some surprising characteristics for such a peculiar and almost weightless food. In fact, the largest organism in the world is a mushroom, creeping 3.5 miles underneath the forest floor. The stem and cap which we harvest for food are simply the fruiting of a complex network of underground “mycelium”—the vegetative body.

Kick-start Your Kid's Day

By Sandy Beck

Your mother probably told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. And now you’re saying it. Just as your car won’t get very far on fumes, your children also need a meal that will refuel and sustain them until lunchtime.

A breakfast that is rich in whole grains and protein and low in sugar has been shown to boost attention span, concentration and memory, and that will prepare their minds and bodies to function at peak performance in school all day, every day.

Local Cheese Primer

By Bridget GuruBeant Welch, LMT

Do you love cheese and like to support local businesses and farms? You can go to local farmer’s markets for tasty local dairy products, eat at a farm to table restaurant like Miccosukee Root Cellar, participate in farm tours, or simply come to our fine co-op for cheeses from our three top local producers: Sweet Grass Dairy, Smith Family Goat Dairy, and St. Andrew’s Bay.


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