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Bone Broth

By Michele Hatton

Another old tradition is making its way back into modern kitchens: bone broths. These stocks refer back to earlier times when our ancestors used every part of an animal (eating nose-to-tail). Bone broth is made from bones, skin, feet, tendons and ligaments—parts of the animal that can't be easily digested—but what differentiates bone broth from other stocks or broths is the length of time it cooks—up to 48 hours.

The Many Faces of Winter Squash Soup

By Crystal Wakoa   

At last, the air is crisp and cool. Evening temperatures call out the need for sweaters and a yearning for the comfort of hot soup. Nothing fits the bill like winter squash. The name is a bit of a misnomer, as winter squash are planted in the spring along with summer squashes, but take much longer to ripen. Harvested in the fall, the squashes’ hard outer shells allow them to be stored without refrigeration all winter long.

Super Soups: Locally Made Wellness Soups

By Crystal Wakoa

Stuffy nose? Starting to sneeze? Super Soup to the rescue!

Super Soup is the brainstorm of Kelly Green of Gulf Breeze, Florida. Kelly assembled all the cold-fighting remedies she learned from her parents and relatives while growing up, added a few more from her research as a health conscious adult, and created a delicious, hydrating, congestion-reducing soup. All you have to do is add boiling water!

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