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Local Spotlight—Hot Pepper Dudes

By Bridget Welch, LMT

A love of fresh and fiery ingredients led to the birth of Tampa-based company, national award winning, Hot Pepper Dudes, LLC.

When spicy food lover Chris Billet couldn't find anything other than jalpeños and habañeros in his local grocery stores and farmers’ markets, he decided to grow his own peppers. Starting in 1999, he experimented with growing hot peppers, and soon he was producing so many, he started learning to can, pickle, and make hot sauces to preserve his harvest.

Canine Friendly Local Ladybird & Friends Hot Sauce

By Bridget Welch, LMT

“We’d never consider letting a can opener into our kitchen,” say Justin and Stephana Gaudin, who believe, “the best things in life remain relatively simple.” This is why they produce Ladybird & Friends Hot Sauce in small handcrafted batches in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Each flavor is carefully constructed without preservatives or pre-processed ingredients, producing a product that they are proud to serve and eager to eat.

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