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Nibbles and Noms - Protein Packed

For some of us, getting enough of protein in our diets can be challenging.

Nibbles and Noms - On the Go Go

Now two weeks into summer break, kids are settling into their new routines whether or not parents have adjusted to the new norm. Forgot your lunch? Need something on the way to pick up the kids from camp? Stop by the Co-op for a healthy and affordable lunch, snack or dinner.

Meet Our Neighbor - American Fitness

We are lucky to have great neighbors in Bannerman Crossings. Located a few storefronts away from the Bannerman location, American Fitness is one of a kind. Offering 24-hour access, group expercise classes, group and semi-private training and more. Plus, you can try out all of this for FREE! Download the free seven-day pass below and get to know what American Fitness is all about. Then, after you're tired and sweaty, visit us for a refreshing smoothie, to pick up a healthy dinner or just to say hi.

Co-op Launches Bag It Forward Program to Benefit Local Nonprofits

New Leaf Market Co-op is excited to double its efforts to reduce waste while also supporting local organizations and non-profits that make Tallahassee the amazing community it is. The Bag It Forward Program now allows customers to donate their reusable bag rewards to help change our community for good.

Your Co-op Competes

We hear it often enough, "New Leaf is just too expensive." Well, we took that to heart and have lowered prices on over 600 items throughout the store including our deli. Co+op Basics brings everyday low prices on items you love. Co+op Deals, Co+op Fresh and Owner Deals provide deep discounts on everything from groceries, organic produce, supplements and body care and more. Wondering how we compare to other grocery stores? See for yourself!

Are you ready for Halloween?!

Organic Wine & Grocery in Tallahassee, FL

Halloween is the one and only day of the year where children and adults get to dress up and be whatever they want! A princess or superhero for your child and maybe even a couples costume for you and your significant other. Whatever your costume may be, Halloween is a tradition and what better way to enjoy Halloween with your family than with a traditional Halloween party!

Women and the Cooperative Movement

By Gretchen Hein

Sweet Grill Additions

By Bridget N. Jones, LMT

Are you looking for something different to grill this summer? Try fresh fruit! It’s a nutritious and colorful way to add exciting flavor to your backyard party. Fruit is comprised mostly of water and sugars. The heat of your grill will caramelize the natural sugars and reduce the water content, concentrating the flavor. Also, when you eat the fruit while still warm, it is luscious!

Good Fat? Bad Fat? It’s Enough To Drive You Coconuts!

By Sandy Beck

For years, “fat-free” was the mantra of healthy food. Then we learned that our bodies need fat — the right kind of fat. That’s when things got confusing. So, allow me to present a sort of “fat primer.”

There are four major dietary fats: monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats and trans fats (the last one being a dubious invention of the food industry).

3rd Annual NLMC Community Grants

By Wendy Morgan, Board Director

At the completion of my fourth year as a Board member, I look back and remember the birth of the New Leaf Market Co-op Community Grant Fund and how it was developed.


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