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Sweet Alternatives to Eating All That Halloween Candy


The promise of mountains of candy on Halloween night can put a twinkle in one's eye but later on, a pain in my belly. I have no self control when it comes to sweets so I always have to fight the urge to binge on our candy stash. Granted, in our household we pick out the vegan candies to save for munching on so our edible stash is not too big, but we still have tons of non-vegan candies left over. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to put those uneaten sweets to good use while sparing yourself and your kiddos the All Saints Day belly ache. Be it that you and your kiddos have to pass on most Halloween candy because of allergies or if it’s because of personal dietary preferences, there’s no reason the family can’t enjoy the thrill of trick or treating. One of these methods of passing the candy along is sure to suit your family’s needs!

1) Sell it to a dentist
: Some dental offices participate in a candy buy-back program in which kids are paid for their candy loot. Here in Tallahassee, Dr. Carey and Jones will be hosting a candy buy-back on November 4th, 5:30 pm to 7 pm over at their office at 1272 Timberlane Road. Kiddos will get paid $1 per pound for up to 5 pounds of candy. The candy is sent to troops via Operation Gratitude and folks are encouraged to include a note supporting the troop who will receive some of the sugary goodness. What a sweet and thoughtful way to get those sweets out of your house!

2) Let your little bad scientist use it for science experiments: Can you catch more flies with sweets rather than vinegar? What happens when you dissolve War Heads in water then add baking soda? Does candy contain oil? There are tons of fun candy based experiments available that will turn those high fructose laden confections into scientific variables. Such experiments include acid tests, density tests, and what dissolves in hot and cold water. The Candy Experiments website has a great list of experiments and instructions. (Picture taken from the Candy Experiments site of the density experiment).

3) Hang on to it for gingerbread house decorating
: Skittles make a great siding material, melted Jolly Ranchers can result in some realistic looking glass windows, Spree are perfect for roof shingles! If you set some of that candy aside to use in a month for gingerbread house making, you and your kiddo are sure to have a lovely selection of construction materials to choose from. Here is an awesome list for ideas on how you can use specific candies in decorating a sugar coated wonder land.

4) Send it directly to the troops: 
If attending a buy-back event isn’t possible, you could always send the goodies directly to Operation Gratitude. Mailing details can be found on the Operation Gratitude website. Keep in mind: all candy is accepted but must be wrapped. If your kiddo is reluctant and feels like they are getting the short end of the Pixy Stix, you can offer something in exchange for their candy. For our daughter, in the past we have offered a movie date complete with popcorn and the movie of her choice or vegan ice cream sundaes at the local soda fountain. She’s always happy to pass up on the sack of sweets.

If there’s one thing all these methods of candy purging prove it’s that there is more than one satisfying way to enjoy all those sweets this year! What do you and your family do with the overwhelming amount of candy after trick or treating?

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