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Summer is here...right? Well, Abita Strawberry Lager is.


Summer is here! Okay, so it’s cold right now, but this is Tallahassee. Wait a couple of days and it will be blazing hot again. What is refreshingly satisfying on those hot, hot days? Summer seasonals, and nothing says summer like strawberry lager. Abita makes their Strawberry Harvest by adding real strawberry juice to a crisp, clean lager. Every year we hold our breath until it arrives. Only joking, but we do get excited. Come and get some now. And if you’re deprived enough to have never tasted this beer, we’ll see you at our beer tasting tomorrow, March 2 from 4:30 pm-6 pm, where Strawberry Harvest will be one of the four beers that I feature this week.

Billy L. has worked at New Leaf Market for four years and is the Assistant Manager for the specialty department. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his three-year-old son, whistling Marshall Tucker tunes and browsing the web for anything about unicorns. Any questions? Email Billy at billy@newleafmarket.coop

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