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Straighten Up With Home Organizer Jenny Druda


By Michele Hatton

“Use it, love it, need it, or get rid of it!,” advises Jenny Druda, professional home organizer. Her seminars at New Leaf Market sometimes pack in audiences counting 50 or more. Druda says of her own habits, “I am ruthless when it comes to getting rid of stuff. When I clean out, it makes me feel younger, and freer, like I’m living in the present.”

As spring opens dogwood buds and honeybees waggle with anticipation, what better time to create your own beginnings? A thorough spring-cleaning means examining your "stuff" and making some hard decisions.

Tips for lightening your load:

  • Purge the clutter. Purging frees up time, space, money, and attention for the things in life you really want to focus on.
  • Envision how you'd like your life to look. Measure your "stuff" against that vision. Ask yourself, “Does this particular item fit into my dream?” “Does it serve my life?” “Is it just a distraction?”
  • Keep boxes on hand and designate a temporary storage area (or take items directly to your car).
  • Start the de-cluttering process by focusing on the obvious easy stuff first. This will minimize feelings of being overwhelmed. Seeing results will motivate you to move on to the harder stuff.
  • Most importantly, address the voices in your head:
    • "I may use it one day." Ask yourself how much space (and other resources) does this item take up? What is the cost and difficulty of replacing it? What is the likelihood of it being used in the near future?
    • “I spent lots of money on this." Keeping an item that you don't use, need or love because you paid a lot for it is throwing good money after bad. Give it away.
    • "It was my parents'." This item served their life and its purpose. You have your own life. If you can’t find a home for it, sell it or donate it. There are numerous organizations in Tallahassee happy to receive used goods. They turn these items into garage sale and silent auction objects. Children’s Lighthouse, Refuge House, Re-tail (for animals) are just a few of the many local groups that accept items.
    • "I don't want to waste it." Donate, sell, re-gift, recycle or re-use your item. As a last resort, throw it away. Before acquiring something else, think about its ease of disposal.
    • "It's a meaningful memento of a wonderful time past." Consider capturing the event in a smaller form, for example, with a photo or a story. Use your imagination.

To schedule a consultation or a full home organization project with Jenny Druda, call her at 850-925-4678.

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