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Slow Food, Tallahassee?


By Bridget Welch

Slow Food founder and President Carlo Petrini, states "Everyone has the right to good, clean and fair food." By good, he means a high quality and flavorful product. By clean, he means the way the product was produced and transported was natural and Earth friendly. By fair, he means adequate pricing and treatment for both the consumers and producers.

Slow Food, an international movement founded by Petrini in 1986, began as an alternative to fast food as large chains tried to bring fast food to his region in Italy.

The organization strives to preserve traditional and regional cuisine and its accompanying lore, and encourages farming of seeds, plants and livestock characteristic of the local ecosystem. Slow Foods forms and sustains seed banks for heirloom seeds, promotes education about the danger of fast foods, supports preserving family farms, educates the public about the dangers of growing monocultures and the drawbacks of large scale farming, teaches gardening to groups like students and prisoners, lobbies against pesticides and genetic engineering, lobbies for inclusion of organic farming concerns with agricultural policy, and encourages ethical buying from local marketplaces.

Louise Divine at local and organic Turkey Hill Farm was involved in the past with a Tallahassee chapter of Slow Food. At that time, the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance was started with a grant from Slow Food. Members also gathered regularly to share meals of home-cooked and delicious local foods.

Tallahassee doesn’t currently have a local chapter of Slow Food, but Divine said she would welcome calls from, and gladly give some guidance to anyone interested in organizing a new local chapter. Could it be you? You can reach Louise at Turkey Hill Farm at 850-216-4024 and learn more about the Slow Food movement at http://www.slowfoodusa.org.

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