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Seeing the Full Moon in a New Light


There is something so incredibly alluring in a full moon crawling over the horizon on a summer’s eve. While many myths surround our little stellar neighbor flooding the night sky with light - babies being born, werewolves being spotted - one thing is for sure. Ain’t she a beaut? Recently, I got to experience this awe in a new way: while paddling along the Wakulla River with my family, sunset at my back, and the full moon beckoning me from the horizon.

At about 6:30 on the night of the full moon, our boats went in the water at the boat ramp located next to the bridge on US 98. It was the perfect night with a cool breeze coming off the water and gorgeous, billowy clouds to the north of us. I was in a single kayak and my husband paddled with our 6 year old in a double. Our boats effortlessly glided down stream, turning our “paddle” more of a “leisurely float” which was fine by me. Our trip was on a Thursday night and it was an incredibly relaxing way to wind down the week and welcome Friday.

About half way through our 2 hour tour, we spotted a real treat: manatee! These sweet sea cow babes are always a delight to see when out on the water. As the mother manatee and her calf munched on river grasses, we let our kayaks circle around them at a safe distance so we could really savor the moment with these precious river pals. Before long, we said our goodbyes and were headed again to our destination downstream.

Just as we were approaching the St. Marcos de Apalache Historic Site, there she was rising over the sea grass lining the river. The full moon in all her glory, perfectly accented by the purpling evening sky. As I sat there in my kayak, listening to the frogs singing and water lapping against the sides of my boat with my husband and child close by, I was humbled. In a world that more often than not is unpredictable and unsure, there is a quiet comfort in the promise of a full moon rising from the Atlantic, enjoyed far from the distractions of the typical week night.


This sounds absolutely magical! Thanks for sharing!

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