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“Plant the Seed” for the Future of Organic Farming


Stop by the co-op in September to learn how you can support the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund. Blue Marble Brands, the company that brings you some of your favorite products like Woodstock Organics, Koyo Ramen and Mediterranean Organics has long supported the importance of organic farming. With their promotion, “Plant the Seed: Eat. Learn. Grow Organic,” you can pick up a coupon at New Leaf that not only gives you a $1 off select Blue Marble Brands products, but also supports more organic farmers. For every coupon redeemed, Blue Marble Brands will donate $1 to the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund.

The Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund is a program that provides educational opportunities for  students that focus on organic agriculture. The grant is awarded to K-8 teachers for an educational experience called “Look at Agriculture…Organically!” It is also used to fund Future Farmers of America (FFA) projects for high-schoolers as well as tuition and educational expenses related to organic agriculture programs for higher education students.

You can learn more about the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund here. Do you know any local schools, FFA members or college students that could benefit from this grant? Encourage them to apply in their respective category – and help grow organic agriculture!

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