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Nibbles and Noms - Protein Packed


For some of us, getting enough of protein in our diets can be challenging. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, eating out can be a harrowing experience with "secret" ingredients revealing themselves and eliminating whole menus from consideration. This week's featured sandwich and smoothie both offer vegan protein in distinctly different, yet equally delicious, forms.

Black Bean Burger

Hands down our most popular sandwich, the handmade Black Bean Burger is cooked to order and topped with fresh Pico de Gallo (chopped tomato, onion and cilantro), lettuce and tomato.

Green Light Smoothie

Almond butter delivers 12 grams of protein in this crazy-delicious smoothie. Sweetened with frozen bananas, coconut water adds electrolytes while fresh spinach adds fiber and creates its signature color. When you are on the go, a Green Light smoothie is the perfect thing to keep you energized for whatever comes your way.

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