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Nibbles and Noms - Opposites Attract


The summer months often find us looking for lighter foods, dishes that won't add to the oppressive heat. But Tallahasseeans are also avid outdoors people, which means bike rides, trail hikes to sink holes, beach excursions and more. After a grueling day of fun, sometimes we need a hearty sandwich. Whatever your stomach is calling for, this week's featured sandwich and smoothie have you covered.

The Italian American

Just take a look at those ingredients! Salami, ham and smoked turkey plus provolone cheese equals one mighty sandwich! Add extra veggies to take this colossal sandwich to the next level.


Body Cleanse

Hands down our most popular smoothie, the Body Cleanse delivers flavor along with antioxidants and greens powder packed with vitamins, minerals, and plant protein. If you're on the fence about which smoothie to try, the Body Cleanse will always delight.

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