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Nibbles and Noms - On the Go Go


Now two weeks into summer break, kids are settling into their new routines whether or not parents have adjusted to the new norm. Forgot your lunch? Need something on the way to pick up the kids from camp? Stop by the Co-op for a healthy and affordable lunch, snack or dinner. Kids are sure to love the juice sweetened Ray of Sunshine smoothie and a Turkey Avocado Club doubles as a filling lunch and a special Father's Day treat for dad.

Ray of Sunshine Smoothie

Brighten your day with a Ray of Sunshine Smoothie. Loaded with bright flavors and packet with vitamin C and potassium, this smoothie will lighten your mood and fortify your body for only $4.75.

Turkey Avocado Club

With their powers combined, the ingredients of the Turkey Avocado Club are more than the sum of their parts. Smoked turkey, gouda, avocado and bacon—all delectable on their own—perfectly compliment one another for a powerhouse of a sandwich.

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