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Love and Compassion in a Rainy Parking Lot


The last place I thought I’d ever see a beautiful sight was in a rainy parking lot off Apalachee Parkway but that’s exactly where I was when my faith in humanity was restored last week. It was a typical Florida summer afternoon and while I had walked into New Leaf with no rain, when I came back out it was pouring buckets. Not knowing when it would slow down, I made a mad dash for my car. Once I got in, I took a second to compose myself and in that moment  I saw something amazing through my windows.

As I had walked into New Leaf, I had noticed a mom walking out with three kiddos: one was in a baby carrier on her back and the other two were old enough to safely walk on their own. Being a mother myself, I couldn’t help but crack a smile at that sweet scene. It was this same mom that I now saw in the parking lot, in the pouring rain, with these three kiddos walking to their destination with groceries in hand and umbrellas overhead. What caught my eye was another woman getting out of her car and running over to them. I watched as some words were exchanged and then the woman from the car lead the family to where she was parked. She proceeded to help the mama put her groceries and kiddos safely inside with mama getting in last. Off they drove, sheltered from the rain, and I was left there in my parked car awe-struck. 

What I saw, someone simply offering someone else a ride, is so much more than that. What I saw is exactly what this world needs. Every person on this planet will have their day when a storm - real or metaphorical - catches them off guard and causes them to walk through a downpour. How incredible would it be if for every person facing a hardship there was someone nearby to lend a helping hand?

That outpouring of kindness in the co-op parking lot was truly inspirational. I am so grateful to that Good Sam for offering a ride to that little crew. I am so happy for that sweet mama that there was someone there to offer her a ride. But what really makes my heart swell is thinking of the empathy and compassion that kind hearted driver demonstrated to those precious kiddos. I hope it’s a memory they carry with them their whole lives and it’s something that inspires them to do the same for someone else someday.

To keep these warm and fuzzy feelings going, share your most amazing random act of kindness story in the comments! Who knows, maybe reading your story will inspire another to get out there and be a ray of sunshine during someone's rainstorm.


I enjoyed reading your story. It is so good to relate these heart warming stories and I appreciate that you took the time to share.

<p>I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Jane! Just thinking about it still makes me smile :)</p>

Ashley, thank you for sharing this lovely story. You are not wrong about acts of kindness sticking with children. I will never forget when I was maybe four or five-years-old opening the door to discover that a kind neighbor or church goer had left several bags of groceries on our doorstep. It made me feel so loved and protected. I think about that mystery person ever so often and send a thank you out to the world.

<p>What a sweet story, Cristin! And how amazing that it is a memory you will carry all your life. I love it!</p>

Sharing your story, Ashley, is inspiration to pass on the kindness you witnessed. Thank you.

<p>Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts, Wendy!</p>

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