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Local Spotlight—St. Andrews Bay Cheese


By Bridget Welch, LMT

St. Andrews Bay Cheese specializes in aging cheeses and matching their characteristics with the flavors of smouldering hardwoods. Their goal is to enhance cheeses without overwhelming their uniqueness. “Our quest is to refine varieties of cheese and create new tastes.”

St. Andrews Bay Cheeses are 100% all natural cheeses made from rBST/rBGH free cows milk. The naturally organic hardwoods used in their smoking process (hickory, maple, and oak) are gathered from three private forests, so the woods contain no chemical sprays or chemical fertilizers.

At their Havana, Florida refinery, they smoke the cheese for four to six hours in kilns.  There are no fans or smoke generators, just the slow, natural movement of hardwood smoke. The cheese is aged before and after the hardwood refinement.

The company first introduced St. Andrews Bay Cheese to the coastal towns of Northern Florida in 2008. Their aged and smoked cheeses originally sold in specialty shops and coastal markets from St. George Island to the beaches of South Walton. Their cheese now sells throughout the eastern half of the country, from Florida to New England and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

At New Leaf Market Co-op, we carry:

Jack & Peppers, smoked with Hickory and Port City Maple, is a semi-soft, pungent cheese with medium-heat jalapeño peppers.

Janes Bay Sharp Cheddar, smoked with Port City Maple and Hickory is a medium sharp, semi-hard, nutty cheese.

Havarti Dane, smoked with Port City Maple and Hickory is a creamy, buttery and mild semi-soft cheese.


I absolutely love cheese. (Of course who doesn’t?) Only couple of weeks I heard about St. Andrews Bay Cheese. It was interesting to read that they specialize in aging cheese. Honestly I have not heard anything like that. But I would love to try it out!

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