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I'm Bananas for Nice Cream!


By Ashley Hopkins

Winter is nearly here but in true Floridian fashion, we’re all still sporting tank tops and flip flops as we pick out our Christmas Tree at the tree lot and dust off our favorite latke recipe (as multi-faith/non-faith households like ours do). One of the best parts about enjoying the holidays basking in the sun is I can satiate my desire to eat all the holiday cookies and cakes with a helping of a healthier frosted treat: banana ice cream, “nice cream”! I can’t get enough of the stuff. Every time I crave a treat I’d be better off without (here’s looking at you, chocolate frosted devoid-of-any-nutrients donut), I make a nice helping of ice cream and all sugar cravings are forgotten! Oh, the magic of nice cream.

Banana nice cream is made with one simple ingredient: frozen ripe bananas! And it’s so easy to make. See for yourself!


1. Peel ripe bananas, cut lengthwise and then into half-coins. Two bananas makes for the perfect serving for one person.

2. Place the half coins onto a plate or into a bowl.

3. Freeze for a minimum of 2 hours, preferably overnight. Do not freeze for more than a few days.

4. Using a food processor: Place about half of the bananas into the processor and blend until broken up into small pieces. Continue to add more banana, pulsing frequently and stopping to smash down the contents frequently. Blend until the bananas are smooth and creamy.

5. For soft serve style nice cream, serve immediately. For more firm nice cream, freeze for an hour or more.


Nice cream can be eaten plain but half of the fun is coming up with wholesome mix-ins and toppings.

- Mix in some cocoa powder and a pinch of salt and top with coconut whip cream and cacao nibs  (my personal favorite!)

- Blend in the food processor with a handful of spinach (for the added vitamin A, C, and K - in won’t alter the taste!) and top with sliced kiwi and pineapple

- Cover in fresh blueberries and granola, with a spoonful of agave nectar drizzled over the top.

- Blend with strawberries and top with fresh raspberries, blackberries and pomegranate seeds

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