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Food Lover Gifts


Do you have a food lover in your life? Are you looking for that perfect last minute gift for them this holiday season? Below we will give you our top ideas for that perfect gift that will be sure to wow them.

1. Tea lover: An assortment of teas of (available packaged or in bulk), local honey, your choice of packaged cookies

2. Italian gift basket: Pastas, oils, sauce

3. Chocolate lover: Assorted chocolate bars, hot cocoa mix, packaged cookies.

4. Coffee lover: Local coffee, sweetener of your choice (local honey, sugar, agave), biscotti (add a unique mug for a more personal touch)

5. Baking lover: Cake mixes, muffin mixes, assorted flours (buy small quantities in bulk), fun or unusual baking ingredients.

6. Gourmand: Beer, wine, cheese, crackers, dried fruit (available in bulk)

7. Cook: An assortments of spices (available packaged or in bulk), an assortment of salts (they can infuse their own!), capers, fresh peppers, add in an ingredient you aren’t familiar with to test their skills

8. Anyone: An array of local soaps, bath salts, massage oils, local soy candles

9. Pizza lover: A selection of Italian spices, active dry yeast, all-purpose flour, olive oil, canned tomatoes, add in their favorite toppings

10. Sweets lover: Local old-fashioned candy, chocolate truffles, gummy treats (available packaged or in bulk), dried fruits (available in packaged or in bulk), local pecans

These gifts will surely put a smile on anyone’s face. Come shop at New Leaf Market Co-Op to get all your gift ideas today!

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