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Cold Microbrews for a Hot Summer


Who doesn’t love enjoying an ice cold beer in the summer? Most adults typically do. Whether you’re looking to relax after cutting your grass, after a long day of work, while sitting by the pool, or at a summer barbeque, nothing tastes better than a cold microbrew!

Beer is everywhere you go these days and craft microbrews are getting more and more popular. With the summer months right around the corner, craft beer sales are expected to soar.

For those who have never tried a microbrew, summer is the ideal time for a taste. Terms like IPA, Wheat, Hops or Ale may seem foreign to someone new to craft beer and they may be hesitant to try one. I know I didn’t understand the hype until I started drinking them!

With summer is on its way, countless breweries are rolling out their summer ales for the season, catering to any taste. With a refreshing brew for any palette, what’s stopping you from branching out and enjoying them?

Summer microbrews are typically best for those new to craft beer. Summer ales are usually fruity, light and refreshing, and perfect for enjoying a summer day in Tallahassee.

If you are new to microbrews and looking for something to try this summer, look out for light microbrews with a hint of fruit. Beers like Raspberry Wheat, Blueberry Ale, etc. are a perfect refreshing treat for even the pickiest beer drinkers.

Not a fan of fruit? Golden Ales, Shandys, American Pale Ales and American Blonde Ales might be the best option for you. These microbrews will still typically be light and refreshing without the sweetness of a fruit ale.

If you are inspired to try a summer microbrew this season then stop into New Leaf Market today and let our experts assist you in finding something new to enjoy! It never hurts to try something new, and you’re taste buds will certainly thank you for it!

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