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Beer 101 - Types & Styles


Craft Beers in Tallahassee, FL

At New Leaf Market Co-op, we offer a variety of beers including specialty, seasonal, and traditional. We also offer microbrew beers and would be happy to share new products with you to help you find one you’ll love. Keep reading to learn about beer types and styles and to discover something new you might want to try!


  • Ales  Ales are brewed through warm fermentation. The yeast gathers on top of the tank during a relatively short brewing process. Ales are fuller-bodied with hints of fruit or spice, and a hoppy finish. They come in many varieties including bitter ales, pale ales, nut browns, and more. Ales are also often darker than lagers.
  • Lagers – The word lager originates from the German work lagern which means ‘to store’ – referring to the method of storing it for several months in near-freezing temperatures. Most lagers are a pale to medium color, have high carbonation, and a medium to high hoppy flavor. They are crisp and refreshing, can range from sweet to bitter, and are the world’s most popular beer.
  • Porters and Stouts – Both porters and stouts are dark, black, top-fermenting style beers. Porters are brewed with a combination of roasted malt to impart flavor, color, and aroma, and stouts – which are not as sweet – feature a rich, creamy head and are flavored and colored by barley. Stouts often use a portion of unmalted roasted barley to develop a dark, slightly astringent, coffee-like character.
  • Malts – These are generally dark and sweeter in flavor as they contain hints of caramel, toffee, and nuts. They can also range from light to full-bodied.


A beer's character can be also be described by its style. Here are some of the many different styles of beer:

  • Amber – Amber beers are very versatile. They are usually full-bodied with hints of caramel and could be either a lager or ale.
  • Blonde – Blonde ales are very pale in color and have no particularly dominating malt or hop characteristics. They are often clear, crisp, and dry, with low-to-medium bitterness and aroma from hops.
  • Brown – Ranging from dark amber to brown in color, brown ale often has notes of caramel, molasses, chocolate, and bitter hops. Depending on the area of brewing, brown beers can have a slight citrus accent and be malty or nutty.
  • Cream – Cream ales are generally brewed to be light, mild, and sweet. They are a straw to light golden color. Sometimes corn and rice are used to lighten its flavor.
  • Fruit – There are multiple categories when it comes to fruit beer, including American-style fruit-beer, Wheat fruit beer, and Belgian-style fruit beer. Depending on the base used, fruit beers can have many different tastes. Fruit beer is very popular in the modern craft beer world and currently being applied to more styles of beer.
  • Honey – These are often full-bodied beers that have a creamy texture and copper color. Honey beers taste slightly sweet with hints of caramel.
  • India Pale Ale – Also known as IPA’s, these are a hoppier version of pale ale. It is a light-colored beer typically made with a higher than average alcohol and hops content.
  • Light – Light beers are extremely light in color and very mild in flavor. They are brewed to have fewer calories and/or a lower alcohol content than other beers.
  • Pilsner – These beers are lagers that are brewed to have a strong hop flavor. They tend to be golden in color with a dry, crisp, and somewhat bitter flavor. Pilsner stands out from other lagers thanks to its distinctive hop taste.
  • Strong – The term ‘strong’ can describe any beer that has 7% ABV or more. Strong beers are typically dark in color – some are almost black. Different styles can include old ales, double IPAs, and barley wines.
  • Wheat – Wheat beers are beers made up of at least 50 percent wheat, which is a much higher proportion than other beers that are primarily made of barley, rye, or adjuncts like rice and corn. Wheat beers are light and easy to drink. Wheat provides a soft character to beer and is sometimes hazy or cloudy with a touch of spice.


We are your one-stop shop for craft beers, local wines, and more! Visit our location in Tallahassee, FL and join us for craft beer and wine tastings or contact us to learn more!

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