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3 Easy Ways to Add More Nature to Your Kid's Day


The Importance of Outdoor Play

Times are a changin’ and few things are a more poignant example of that than how children today are spending less time outdoors than kids of 20 years past. Overscheduled with extracurricular obligations, drowning in homework assignments, distracted by screens and devices - so many things are competing for our children’s free time. With all the amazing physical and mental benefits of being outdoors, today’s generation of little ones need to get out there and getting messy more than ever. Here are a few simple ways to get your kiddos engaged and involved with the great outdoors!

Bring the indoors out
An easy way to increase the amount of time you and your kiddos are spending outdoors is to just do what you do inside outside. Gather all the homework and some snacks and head on down to some picnic tables at a park or bring a blanket and find a shady spot under a tree. Being in the bright light, hearing the wind blowing in the trees and the birds calling can be incredibly relaxing and aid in concentration. Another option is to eat meals outside. It can be a simple back yard dinner on the patio or a picnic at a local park like Cascades or the Miccosukee Greenway.

Let your kids plant their own garden or flower bed

Giving a child a little plot of land or pot of soil to call their own can do wonders in boosting their self confidence and self esteem. Carve out a little sunny spot in the lawn - as small as 2’ by 2’ - where they can till the soil, plant some seeds, water the plants and weed. Children can tend to their garden daily and seeing their piece of land change through the season can be a great motivator to keep them coming back. Growing plants is also a fantastic way to teach science hands on.


Scavenger hunt on your street

At the end of the day, going on a walk around the block can be a fantastic way for your family to reconnect. When on your walk, a great way to engage kiddos is to have them go on a little scavenger hunt. Find something pink, find a white house, how many squirrels did you see. Kids love the challenge of the hunt!

Getting kiddos out into the open air doesn’t have to be another daunting task to add to your endless list of obligations for the day. Time outside can seamlessly find its way into your life as it is! What are you waiting for? Get on out and make those priceless memories.

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