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Bannerman Crossings Store Now Open!


Our much anticipated second store is now open! Located in the Bannerman Crossings Shopping Plaza at 6668 Thomasville Road, this store features abundant organic produce, a large selection of natural and organic groceries, beer and wine, a health and wellness department and a full service deli featuring fresh smoothies and juices and daily hot and salad bars, not to mention abundant assortment of grab & go meal solutions. Our full service meat and seafood department is ready to help with custom cuts. Please join for our Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, May 7 from noon-4 pm.











Now it feels official!








We're getting hungry.








We're all tongue tied. Letters awaiting to be installed.









Top that! Countertops are in. This is bar seating in the deli area.








The stairwell to the second floor just got inspirational with cooperative principle word art!









Exterior sign is installed. It's like a cherry on top!


Eventually, everything will look this good.












Looks chaotic, but there is order to our madness.












A brief piece of relative quiet in the storm of activity. The cooler wil house cheese and wine will live on the wooden shelves.












A view into the kitchen. The hood in the middle of the space will vent out the cooking fumes and heat.












Creating a nice space for our employees is important to us. The break room is coming along.


Rob Martin, NCG consultant extraordinaire, demonstrates how to build a grocery shelf.









Just a few things to get on the shelves.


Last week was a lot of waiting, but it was worth it! Look at these shiny floors! Like mirrors.























Rows of racks.







A view from behind the hot bar. Please ignore our dust.






Landscaping has begun along the front of the building.









The meat and seafood cases are in. An easy to clean floor was completed over the weekend.









A pretty cool aisle of freezer doors.












The construction fence is down. Now we wait for the sign to be installed.


Take a look at this! Produce on the left, dairy in the back, deli on the left and grocery gold in between.


The shiny hot and salad bar.












The frozen aisle is ready to house your favorite frosty treats.












The deli is looking spiffy. We love the subway tile.









Energy updgrade! The doors on the refrigerated section allow us to better control our energy useage.













Meat and seafood is looking fresh and clean.













The restrooms get a racing stripe.












The entrance "cloud" gets filled in.


The "clouds" are installed above the entrance and registers.








The stock room gets lit!












The first coat of paint is on the walls and we LOVE IT. Bright and beautiful.





Light green paint for produce and cheery yellow for the front end. Next up, the refrigerated cases!











We can't wait to see an image of a grouper "swimming" the waves of the seafood department.













Not to be left out, the offices get a bright splash of color.















The new entrance is bricked and oh so inviting.













Lesson learned, always protect the stock room walls!









May seem small, but having a loading dock is REALLY exciting.


A view of the front from the back wall. We can't get enough of those windows.







Looking towards where bulk and produce will live. Doors of refrigerated will be on the left.







A view of the deli wall which will include a sushi, a service case, hot and salad bar and a juicing station.


The new brick is being laid.


The entrance foyer has been built and bricking of the facade begins today.






A view from the interior of the store into the seating area. A drink cooler will go up against the wall and the counter will house self-serve coffee.








A deli exit will allow you to grab a quick bite to eat and be out the door in moments.








Imagine this wall covered in organic produce and an assortment of bulk offerings.








A view into the seating area and the community room beyond.


It's really starting to take shape now. All the framing is up including the upstairs office space. Plumbing is complete, electrical is near completion and the HVAC has been started. Coolers and freezers are installed. Insulation has been hung and drywall is going up as we speak. The new entrance add on is near completion. We can't wait to show you the new foyer. Stay tuned.

A view from the community room looking into the deli seating area.

The stock room hallway.

The kitchen. It feels big now but just wait until we fill it full of equipment and people.

A view from the inside out the front windows. We love the natural light.


The mezzanine now has drywall. There will be offices, a meeting room, an employee restroom and break room.

The stock room hallway. The door leads into the meat prep room, which leads out to the sales floor.

Let there be power!

The deli walk-in cooler and freezer.

The bulk head above the new service meat and seafood department.


The entrance is being built out from the existing facade.

The stock room hallway. Feels nice and big now, but once the coolers and shelving are installed it will be a different story.

The mezzanine framing is up.


The duct work looks so big on the floor. Once it's installed you won't even notice it.

A view out the windows in the meeting room/deli seating overflow.


The floor has been poured! It's nice and shiny and this is BEFORE it gets polished. The mezzanine platform can be seen in the background along with the stairs.









A view of the facade. Openings have been cut for the entrance (far right opening) and windows. Lots of natural light coming our way. Plus some nice grassy area in front of the store.









A view inside looking out the window openings.


Work on the entrance will begin sometime this week. In the meantime, the floor is being prepared for concrete and the side parking lot is coming along. We cannot tell you how excited we are about fresh, never been used concrete!

Side parking lot to the right of the store will provide additional parking spaces.









Preparing the floor for concrete.













View of Bannerman Crossings location from parking lot. What is now the entrance will be closed off.

The sidewalk has been removed to allow for exterior work. The entrance is being relocated to the right of the facade.

Trenching inside the store before concrete is poured.


Construction permits were issued for the Bannerman Crossings Co-op location on October 1, 2015 and Mad Dog Construction immediately began work. The ceilings have been painted, trenches have been dug for plumbing and electrical and the sidewalks have been demolished to make way for the new entrance to be built. Check back regularly for updates and progress reports. Projected opening is March 30, 2016.


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