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By Cristin Burns

New Leaf Market Co-op is looking to grow Team Co-op. From September 10-19, 2013 the Co-op is offering exciting incentives to would-be owners. During this owner drive, every new owner will receive a $10 co-op gift card, have the $5 admin fee waived and be entered to win a basket of local products valued over $150. Additionally, for every new owner who joins, $10 will be donated to the Red Hills Small Farm Alliance. All this in addition to the regular perks of joining in the Co-op.

Becoming a member-owner of New Leaf Market Co-op has many benefits. Owners receive: special owner-only sales called Owner Deals, owner discount weekends twice a year, value-saving coupons mailed to their homes, discounts on seminars, voting rights for the Board of Directors and, when the store makes a profit, a portion of the profit is returned to owners in the form of rebate checks.

Anyone can become part owner of the store with a one-time equity investment of $100 plus a $5 admin fee (which will be waived September 10-19). Equity investments are fully refundable.

Member-owners are fundamental to the cooperative business. New Leaf Market Co-op exists to serve the needs of its owners, who in turn support the Co-op with their patronage. Unlike corporations, New Leaf Market Co-op is not solely profit driven. Instead, the Co-op balances the needs of its owners and community with everyday business. Which means that New Leaf Market Co-op donates to, and supports local organizations like Big Bend Hospice, Oak Ridge Elementary School, Red Hills Small Farm Alliance, Second Harvest of the Big Bend, Sustainable Tallahassee, and The Sharing Tree.

Join Team Co-op and become an owner today.  Already an owner? Tell your friends and family why the Co-op is important to you. There’s always room for more.


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