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Probiotic Protects Against Sore Throats and Infections

New research, published in the Journal of Drug, Healthcare and Patient Safety, highlights the importance of probiotics in treating sore throats and infections in children. During the study, children received a lozenge coated with the probiotic Streptococcus salivarius by Stratum Nutrition. Researchers found that the probiotic lozenge reduced sore throats by 96% and viral infections by 80%. Further, the number of missed school days dropped from 228 to 16. Overall, the study contributes to a growing awareness among scientists and the public about the healing power of probiotics for immune support in addition to its well-known benefits for yeast infections and intestinal health, including conditions such as irritable bowel, constipation, Crohn’s disease, and diverticular disease.

Source: New Hope 360

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