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Seasonal Organic & Local Produce

The crisp crunch of an apple, the snap of a green bean, the aroma of garlic or the vivid red of a strawberry-we like to let our produce speak for itself. We offer the largest selection of organic produce in the Florida Panhandle. Our organic produce is free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers, leaving our fruits and vegetables as nature intended.

We believe in supporting our local farmers and carry local produce year round! Look for broccoli, kale, cabbage, beets, salad mixes and daikon root from local farmer Jeff Baptist, owner of Spring Song Farm. In the summer, enjoy multi-colored heirloom tomatoes or delicious local blueberries. Sprouts from Ladybird Farms-perfect for salads, sandwiches or munching straight out of the box-grace our shelves early spring. When organic produce is not available we carry the freshest, highest-quality conventional produce available. Not to worry, all of our produce is clearly signed.

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What's Fresh: Snow Peas

Crisp, bright green and fresh, snow peas are a sure sign that spring has arrived. Snow peas are entirely edible, pod and all, and have a sweet, mild flavor. An outstanding source of vitamin C, just one cup of this green vegetable provides almost your entire recommended daily allowance for this essential vitamin! Try snacking on fresh peapods as you would carrot sticks or celery; they’re great on their own or with a sesame-ginger dip. Julienne snow peas, steam lightly with thinly-sliced red radishes and sprinkle with a lemon vinaigrette for a gorgeous spring side for chicken, tofu or fish.

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