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Bulk food sections can be a little intimidating if you are unfamiliar with their set-up. The following guidelines will help you successfully shop our bulk department:

When using gravity bins:

  1. Place your bag under the spout, making sure to have a firm grip on the bag.
  2. Pull the lever down, towards you to fill your bag.
  3. Push the lever back up when you have the desired amount.
  4. Label the bag, using the twist ties provided, with the three or four-digit item number on the bulk container.

When using scoop bins:

  1. Remove the scoop from the holder.
  2. Slide the lid up to allow access to the product.
  3. Using the scoop provided, fill your bag.
  4. Replace the scoop and slide the lid shut.
  5. Label the bag, using the twist ties provided, with the three or four-digit item number on the bulk container.

Did you know? Any time you buy bulk, you can use your own containers! If you bring your storage containers from home, just stop at a register when you arrive. A cashier will weigh your containers to determine the tare (the weight of the container), then you're set to go and fill up!




I think I want to buy a bulk item, but I'm not sure what it tastes like. Can I sample bulk items before I buy?

Of course you may, just ask staff for assistance.

Why can't I taste test directly from the bin?

In short, sanitation. We are happy to let you sample bulk items, just ask. However, if anyone reaches directly into a bin, then all of the product in that bin is considered contaminated. We take food safety very seriously, so this is a rule we stand firm on. If we did not dispose of product that is possibly contaminated, we could be contributing to the spread of disease. Many illnesses are spread by this type of indirect contact, from colds to measles. You may not even be sick, but if you touched a contaminated surface (doorknobs, stair rails, etc.) you can still pass illness through touch. It's our job to protect all of our customers from possible infections.

Why do I have to write the number, and not the name of my bulk item?

It speeds up the process considerably if our cashiers have the UPC code for bulk items. They could go searching by name, but that would keep you in line for much longer. If you happen to forget to write the number, that's no problem. We'll look it up the slow way, or have someone on staff check the bin.

It also reduces pricing errors. It's easy to confuse Bali Blue Coffee Beans with Costa Rican Single Origin Coffee Beans, but their prices may not be the same.

Uh-oh, I forgot what I bought! I have the tag, with a number, but I don't recall what I bought.

Happens all the time! There are lots of bulk items that look very similar (have you glanced at all the flours?), so it's can be difficult to remember. There are two ways to figure out what you bought.

  1. Come in (or call ) and talk to us, let us know everything you remember about your mystery item. Our grocery staff should be able to easily help you track down exactly what you need.
  2. Check the Bulk Items & Numbers list. If you recall the approximate name, or if you know what you used it for, you should be able to locate the item number.




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