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Great wine doesn't have to cost a fortune. Our ever-growing selectionincluding organic wines, sulfite-free and no-added sulfite labelsoffer something for every taste and budget.

Looking to stock your cooler? We've got microbrews, local labels and familiar standbys in the beer case. Buy by the can, six-pack, or bottle or bomber. Can't decide on one? You can even mix and match your own six-pack to sample more styles.

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Cheese Profile: Feta

Feta cheese is one of the world’s most useful cheeses; few savory dishes cannot be improved by a sprinkling of salty, tangy, creamy white feta crumbles. Leafy green salads of all types are brought to new heights with the addition of cubes of rich, flavorful feta, and the cheese makes an excellent garnish for dishes made with beans, lentils, or grains of any kind. Use the irresistible zip of feta to perk up a creamy spinach dip with garlic and dill and watch those carrot sticks disappear! Feta is also delicious when added to potato and pasta salads with lots of fresh parsley and lemon.

  • Feta originated as a way for shepherds to preserve the milk from their flocks of sheep.
  • The name “Feta” is derived from Italian fetta, or slice, which refers to the cutting of the cheese to place in barrels for brining.
  • The cheese preparation described in Homer's Odyssey is thought to be the ancestor of feta cheese.
  • Feta became widely popular in the 20th century when Greeks immigration increased to Australia, the U.S., Canada, and Germany.


  • Rich, tangy, salty
  • Varies from mild to sharp


  • Pure white, crumbly, no rind
  • Soft to semi-dry, no skin, small holes.
  • Crumbles easily.
  • Dries quickly once removed from brine.

Find more information, and serving suggestions at StrongerTogether.coop.

Cooking With Wine & Craft Beer

Classic additions for cooks across the globe, beer and wine will instantly add complexity and depth to your dishes.

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Watch the video above to learn the basics of pan sauces. This versitile recipe (Fond, aromatics, liquid, and fat) can be made with a limitless combination of ingredients. For a vegan meal choose a hearty meat substute with plenty of sugars and proteins—tofu, seitan and mushrooms all work well—and use your go-to butter substitute.

Make your own Beer Dishes & Wine Dishes.

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