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Seminar: Use what your Gut is Telling You to Feel and Perform Better Pt 1


Join New Leaf Market Co-op for our FREE Saturday Seminar Series. Seminars take place in our deli seating area at 11:30am.

Seminar: Use What Your Gut is Telling You to Feel and Perform Better Pt1

Why are all the little guys in our gut getting so much attention? What is it in science that has changed so dramatically that we all need to be aware of and how can this new reality help us take more ownership over the future of our health and the health of our families? How can our food and lifestyle decisions help make our gut bacteria happy (or sad?) and how quickly can we turn things around (faster than you might imagine!). Let's take a look together at the gut microbiome! After this seminar,  you will walk away with some actionable steps to increase the population of the good kind of bacteria and crowd out the not so good kind!

About Presenter:

Peggy Smith is a certified integrative nutrition health coach with a passion for gut health and healthy habits. She believes that healing our guts can heal our lives! Peggy works with individuals to help them identify their goals and what nutrition plan works best for them. She helps clients who feel their lives are out of control because of stress and the anxiety of day-to-day life and helps them identify ways to help restore balance so they can enjoy fuller, happier lives and thrive to their fullest potential - physically and emotionally.



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