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Seminar: Transformational Healing Through Functional Movements


Join New Leaf Market Co-op for our FREE Saturday Seminar Series. Seminars take place in our deli seating area at 11:30am.

Seminar: Transformational Healing Through Functional Movements

Join Rene Luna, licensed Physical Therapist, Clinical Director of FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center as he teaches us to discover the key movements and positions which help our body gain a state of balance and alignment through functional motions. He will demonstrate simple maneuvers and techniques which are quicker way to aide our human body to heal. The objective is to empower us to become more pro-active in acquiring the state of balance and harmony, achieve our health maximum potential, optimize our daily performance and become more productive with better quality of life.

For more information, call 850.656.3163.

Email: rluna@Fyzical.com

Website: www.Fyzical.com/tallahassee

About the Presenter: Rene began his career as a traveling physical therapist working in various rehabilitation settings around the United States. He has worked with thousands of patients of all ages in areas of orthopedics, sports injuries, balance and vestibular issues, musculoskeletal and neurological injuries and diseases. Having taken specialized coursework in the areas of manual therapy and geriatric rehabilitation, Rene uses a variety of powerful approaches in treating patients with great success. During his career, he has demonstrated an exceptional ability to solve many musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms with his comprehensive approach & proven rehabilitative techniques.




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