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Seminar: Introduction to InnerSpeak


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Seminar: Introduction to InnerSpeak

Are You? :

  • Ready to transform and live a more harmonious life?
  • Seeking answers and unable to hear your inner self?
  • Searching for simple ways to heal and release old wounds?
  • Desiring a better relationship with yourself?
  • Open to the possibilities of multiple lifetimes ready to be cleared?

If you answered yes to any of these then you are open and receptive to listening and hearing your inner communication. Discovering your inner self is the doorway to transforming your limitations to joy and the freedom to create a harmonious life. Along your journey through this and other lifetimes, you’ve created wounds that have veiled your true self and blocked clear communication.

Come meet Jean Adrienne, the creator of InnerSpeak, to learn about simple and easy self-clearing practices to help you discover and release these old wounds and other life challenges, even those you inherited genetically.

Jean Will Share:

InnerSpeak Cards Clearings - demonstration for releasing karmic blocks from this lifetime, past lives and ancestors using the InnerSpeak Cards

DNA Activations - Demonstrations using the Reconnecting Soul 142 DNA Activations Cards

About the Presenter: Jean Adrienne is the creator of a karmic and ancestral clearing tool called InnerSpeak. She's the author of 5 books and 2 decks of metaphysical activation and clearing cards. Her website is www.JeanAdrienne.com



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