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Seminar: The Great Organic Debate: Why & How to Eat Clean Even on a Budget


Join New Leaf Market Co-op for our FREE Saturday Seminar Series. Seminars take place in our deli seating area at 11:30am.

Seminar: The Great Organic Debate: Why & How to Eat Clean Even on a Budget

We’ve all heard that eating whole foods free of toxic chemicals, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics is the most beneficial way to nourish our bodies. But why is it truly that important? Is all the hype over eating organically really all it’s cracked up to be? And if so, how can we incorporate sustainable changes into our diets that stay within the family budget and don’t overwhelm us at the grocery store?

Join Christine J. White, Certified Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer, to explore the why and how of “clean eating” with a practical look at an organic-focused diet that’s delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable!

About the Presenter: Christine J White is a certified Wellness Coach and Fitness Trainer who helps people make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes toward achieving optimal health. Her approach to nutrition, fitness and overall wellness enables her clients to achieve long-lasting results by addressing their full scope of well-being. She helps people overcome their struggles with issues like weight loss, lack of energy, finding their fitness groove, food cravings, stress management, meal prep, sleep deprivation, caffeine addiction, and more!



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