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Seminar: Disposable Plastic Free Options from New Leaf Market


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Seminar: Disposable Plastic Free Options from New Leaf Market


The Great Pacific Garbage Patch was discovered in 1997 by Charles Moore when he was returning from a yachting race. Plastics make up the majority of the marine debris. Plastics are used progressively more in products due to their affordability, break resistance and malleability. Most plastics break into smaller and smaller pieces, turning into microplastics, instead of biodegrading.


The problem sounds so overwhelming. I focus on making smart decisions in my life so I will at least know I am doing my part. The most important thing for me is to be mindful of where I spend my money. I want high quality items, at competitive prices that are beautiful, functional, reusable, recyclable or biodegradable, and don’t have disposable plastic or a plastic lining. You can too. Learn more about how I lead a Disposable Plastic Free Lifestyle, connect with other people with similar interests, and get motivated with me!


About the Presenter: Mary O'Brien has been living in Tallahassee for about 2.5 years. She is from Minnesota and has hopped around the United States as an adult. Wherever she is, she tries to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Recently she has become very concerned with plastic pollution and begun phasing out disposable plastics from her life. When not researching disposable plastic free alternatives, she is busy cuddling with her pets, tending to her plants, or spending time with friends. Follow her on Instagram: mary_disposableplasticfree.


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