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Seminar: Creative Writing for Health, Healing, & Hope


Join New Leaf Market Co-op for our FREE Saturday Seminar Series. Seminars take place in our deli seating area at 11:30am

Seminar: Creative Writing for Health, Healing, & Hope

Join us for an interactive session on using creative writing for exploration, self- expression, healing, goal-setting and just plain fun! We’ll discuss the benefits of creative writing and explore a number of different writing techniques. When you join us, come ready to write (but have no fear, neither spelling nor grammar will be judged and sharing your work will be optional.) We’ll provide the paper and pens!

About the Presenter:  Pam Mezzina is a licensed clinical social worker who currently serves as Director and Counselor of Capstone Center. Capstone is a subsidiary of Bend Hospice dedicated to counseling, education, wellness and aging life care management. Prior to starting Capstone, Pam worked at Big Bend Hospice for 20 years as a social worker and bereavement counselor.

Pam has a keen appreciation for the benefits of therapeutic writing and uses it regularly with her clients. 


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