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Bag It Forward! is Retiring


The Bag it Forward! donation program allowed the Co-op to offer our customers a 10¢ incentive for each bag you used and then we asked if you’d like to donate your dime to a local non-profit organization. We matched every bag incentive forwarded to charity; that was two donations for the price of one! Potentially, every reusable bag you used equaled 20¢ donated to a local non-profit organization.

Changing up to Change For Change!

We've gotten feedback from customers who elect not to use bags at all, or who habitually forget their own bags (happens to all of us, there's a lot to keep track of in an average day!) that Bag It Forward! prevented them from making donations when they wanted to. Occasionally, some shoppers felt pressured to make donations to organizations that they didn't support, simply because they did bring their bags and were eligible to donate. Neither scenario felt fair to us, or to the non-profit groups we are trying to benefit. That's why we're breaking bag refunds off from register donations! You can now get your reusable bag refunds like usual, and separate from that you can elect to round-up your transaction total to donate the organization of the month. Learn more all about Change For Change here, and apply for your non-profit to be considered as one of our recipients!


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