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Bag It Forward Nominations


Help us Bag It Forward

New Leaf Market Co-op is excited to double its efforts to reduce waste while also supporting local organizations and non-profits that make Tallahassee the amazing community it is. The Bag It Forward program now allows customers to donate their reusable bag rewards to help change our community for the better.

Bag It Forward Nominees

Nominated organizations must be a 501(c)(3)

If the organization is not chosen for the highlighted month, the organization must reapply to reconsidered. We only review applications from the current month’s application pool.

If selected as the Bag It Forward organization of the month, the organization agrees to:

  • To provide images and logo of the organization to be used for advertising purposes.
  • To table one day out of the month at New Leaf Market Co-op during of their Bag It Forward month. This will allow customers an opportunity to learn about the organization they are supporting. Cash donations can be collected at the tabling event. 
  • To share their NLMC’s Bag It Forward donation post on their social media channels at least 4 times in the month.
  • To come to NLMC to take a “big check” picture for social media posts.
  • Checks must be picked up in person, New Leaf does not mail donations. Your organization will be notified when your check is ready to be picked up; donations not retrieved within two weeks of this notification will be forfeited.

Please fill out the application below with information about yourself and the details of your organization.

Used for promotional materials, if organization is chosen.
Include a short written description of your organization, or include a link to your about page.
Include a short written description of how your organization plans to earmarks these funds, or include a link to a project description.
Proof of non-profit designation is required before New Leaf Market Co-op is able to provide a check for Bag It Forward donations. You may be able to find your organization's EIN online at taxexemptworld.com, or a similar site.


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