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Sweet Grill Additions

By Bridget N. Jones, LMT

Are you looking for something different to grill this summer? Try fresh fruit! It’s a nutritious and colorful way to add exciting flavor to your backyard party. Fruit is comprised mostly of water and sugars. The heat of your grill will caramelize the natural sugars and reduce the water content, concentrating the flavor. Also, when you eat the fruit while still warm, it is luscious!

Grilling fruit is pretty simple. If you cut the fruit early, soak it in water to keep it...

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Local Swimmin' Holes to Help Beat the Heat

By Ashley Hopkins

It’s that time of year, folks. The temperature is creeping up which means the humidity is sure to follow. While we’ve been burdened with the curse of super hot summer days, our gorgeous state has also been blessed with the gift of swimmin’ holes aplenty! On those days when the lawn sprinklers just aren’t cuttin’ it, pack up the cooler with snacks and water, grab a bottle of sunscreen, and head on out...

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