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Want GMOs Labeled? Contact Congress Today

If you would like to see GMO foods labeled, now is a critical time to contact your elected officials. Right now, Congress is debating a proposed law that would block mandatory GMO labeling at the national and state levels. Titled The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, this bill establishes new barriers to a national mandatory labeling system, and undermines the public will by nullifying GMO labeling laws already on the...

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New Leaf Market Co-op Partners with Seed Matters – and YOU Could Win an Organic Garden Kit

We usually don’t think about seed when we sit down to eat our cereal in the morning or tuck the kids into their cotton sheets at night, but it all starts with seed. And the seed we sow affects the quality, nutrition, cost and environmental impact of all the food we eat and every fiber we wear.

During the last several decades of industrial agriculture, seed has been developed to be suited for intensive chemical agriculture. While this has sometimes resulted in higher yields, it has come with very real...

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